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Manchester charity achieves milestone for children in care

Press event scheduled for 28th April with support from Madame Mayor Valerie Burgoyne

Ten years ago, a small, local charity in Manchester wanted to explore whether an innovative childcare practice called concurrent planning could be successfully transplanted from America to England.

That same local charity still leads the way in this groundbreaking method of putting children first with the continued work of Manchester Adoption Society’s Goodman Team.

T-POST: Issue # 35, The Tears of a Clown

Isn't it time we all agreed that no-one really enjoys, nor ever has enjoyed the antics or mere presence of a clown? It's true and research at the University of Sheffield says its official - clowns suck.

Since the 80s, Hollywood has consistently portrayed clowns as nothing but creepy. And despite the indisputable power of tinsel town, there's probably a list of rent-a-clowns a mile long in your city's phone book.

New Capital Gains Tax rules could save you thousands

A new single rate of 18% to Capital Gains Tax for buy-to-let investors and second home owners will be introduced on April 6th 2008, benefiting individuals, trustees and personal representatives.

The current rate is set at 40% for higher rate tax payers who have owned their property for less than three years.

Even after a 10-year ownership of a property, the most a higher rate tax payer could hope for is a fall to a minimum of 24%.

The new rate is welcomed by property investors and will make owning property personally advantageous for many discerning owners.

Top London Divorce Lawyer Offers Reaction to Mills/McCartney Judgement

Ayesha Vardag, a London-based specialist matrimonial solicitor, says:

"The case is a victory for common sense. It shows the English courts do not give in to spin and drama or a paternalistic urge to redistribute wealth on marital breakdown.

"Heather Mills’ evidence was found to be “less than candid” and many of her extravagant claims, in which she was held to be “overegging the pudding”, were never backed up by the hard evidence which she promised.

Mills-McCartney at the High Court

Live expert legal commentary offered...

One of the UK's foremost matrimonial lawyers, Ayesha Vardag, will be available to comment on Heather Mills McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney's five-day divorce hearing at the High Court, starting on Monday 11th February.

With the former Beatle's fortune estimated at £825 million, it has the potential to be the most costly divorce in British legal history.

Ayesha, of Strand-based Ayesha Vardag Solicitors, will be available to speak to journalists and presenters between 7am and 3pm on Monday.


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As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt based on a current news item every six weeks. Select designers provide their interpretation of a specific news story and that design is combined with the actual news which is printed on the inside of the shirt.


Xcrypt CAS to protect international digital distribution of KBS World TV...

Seoul – Xcrypt, Inc. (www.xcrypt.co.kr) today announced that KBS, Korea’s national broadcaster and biggest public television network, has selected Xcrypt’s Conditional Access System to secure the worldwide distribution of its KBS World TV channel.

Xcrypt CAS was selected among top-tier CAS providers to encrypt KBS’ World TV channel using Xcrypt’s secure and innovative technology and hardware.


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