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Press Releases

www.aeroinv.com Web Store Goes Live

[PRESSWIRE] 14.09.2011 -- aeroinv.com the aftermarket supplier of aircraft parts, announces the world wide launch of its new web-store doubling the amount of stock in the last three weeks to over $100 million with more arriving every week at the Singapore Hub. aeroinv.com offer a wide range of quality inspected parts spanning most major commercial aircraft and engine types.

B Plus Giocolegale commences legal proceeding against Investigation Firms hired by WMS Gaming

[PRESSWIRE] 02.09.2011 -- B PLUS GIOCOLEGALE Ltd. announces that it has filed a claim for damages through its lawyers in Illinois against the investigative agencies Defendant Edward R. Lefevour and Associates, LTD "LEFEVOUR LTD" (based in Illinois) and MDB INTERNATIONAL LLC (based in Virginia) for alleged false information provided to the company WMS Gaming, within the context of the negotiations between the parties.

 Contact details: Mike Chahal B PLUS GIOCOLEGALE Ltd mchahal@atlantisworlduk.com ENDS

Digital Forensics Product Helps Counter Terrorism Unit Officers Prevent Explosions

[PRESSWIRE] 24.08.2011 - Tamworth, United Kingdom -- A new cost-effective solution for front line officers: Seizing phones, iPads and laptops safely and securely, ensuring they are not remotely wiped or used to detonate bombs. Law Enforcement, Military and Counter Terrorism Agencies have long had problems with what to do with the mobile phones and similar “smart” devices they seize as evidence at point of arrest.

aeroinv.com - $50 Million Stock at the Hub!

[PRESSWIRE] 25.08.2011 -- aeroinv.com, the aftermarket supplier of aircraft parts, is ready for take-off with the launch of the aeroinv.com web store (week commencing 12th September 2011) and $50million of stock spanning most major commercial aircraft types and engine types. aeroinv.com’s new surplus condition parts are available for 60,000 airline, MRO and supply chain specialist customers to purchase on a 24/7 basis.

"The Trader Meeting" reports a 1,200% increase in quarterly viewing figures

[PRESSWIRE] 24.08.2011 - London, England -- Global stock markets have been hit hard in recent weeks. Since August 1st, the S&P500 and FTSE100 are down thirteen percent and the Eurostoxx600 is down sixteen percent. As the vast majority of professional and independent traders are losing their shirts, ‘The Trader Meeting’ has today announced a 1,200% increase in viewing figures in the last three months.


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