25 Nov 2017 - 7:35am

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Press Releases in Technology

IE was ‘unsafe’ for 98% of 2004, Mozilla safest

Global security consultancy ScanIT shows Microsoft's Internet Explorer was "unsafe" for 98% of 2004, while rival browser Mozilla was "unsafe" for only 15%.

The figures come from 195,000 internet users who checked their systems for vulnerabilities using ScanIT’s free online Browser Security Checker in 2004.

The checker’s findings showed surfers using Mozilla’s Firefox browser enjoyed the shortest "exposure period" where a patch for known vulnerabilities in the browser was unavailable.

Careless talk costing companies and consumers

Belgian-based IT security consultancy, ScanIT (scanit.net) says it was able to exploit voicemail systems in Europe and Asia using simple tools and software readily available on the Internet.

The company is testing voicemail systems and exchanges for telecoms companies who want to investigate how hackers gain entry to their networks, following a year of attacks that have cost the industry millions of dollars worldwide.


A survey conducted by the leading Belgian IT security company, ScanIT, shows many of the world's computers are "sitting targets" for hackers, despite the use of virus protection software and firewalls.

Results collected from over 100,000 users of the company's free online 'Browser Security Checker' show almost half (45 per cent) of users to be at "high risk" of a potential hacker attack.


Internet users are putting their confidential information beyond the reach of hackers using a quick and free online security checker.

The 'Browser Security Test' - developed by leading Belgian IT security company, ScanIT - helps home users and large corporate networks close security loopholes by testing a system’s vulnerability against simulated attacks.

Watertight security is now more important than ever as new viruses - like Bugbear - work around or delete virus-checking software and firewalls by exploiting flaws in web browsers and email software.


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