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Press Releases in Technology

Leeds Beckett University Creates a Smart Campus with Avaya's Fabric Networking Solutions

[PRESSWIRE] GUILDFORD, England, January 9, 2017 -- Avaya announced that Leeds Beckett University has upgraded its Fabric networking technology to provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi connection to all staff and students. Avaya's technology has allowed the university to increase the total number of access points from 800 to 1,800, giving network access to over 25,000 students and 3,200 members of staff, anytime, anywhere across the 550,000m² campus.

GCL-SI to Invest in Vietnam for 600MW Solar Cell Production

[PRESSWIRE] SUZHOU, China, Jan. 6, 2017 -- GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (GCL-SI), one of the world's largest solar energy companies, recently announced its investment in Vina Cell Technology Co., Ltd., a Vietnam-based solar cell manufacturer, in trade for up to 600MW production capacity. This was a remarkable move GCL-SI took to strengthen its competitive edge and to be better poised for wider opportunities in the US and European markets. 

Digility Inc., the US Entity of Mastek Limited, Acquires TAISTech

[PRESSWIRE] MUMBAI, India, READING, England, BRIDGEWATER, New Jersey and DALLAS, Jan. 5, 2017 -- Digility Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Mastek UK, announced today the acquisition of US-based leading digital commerce solution provider, TAISTech. The TAISTech Executive Leadership Team, led by Kapil Malik and Aman Bedi, will continue to run operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of Digility Inc.

Linguali Interpreting System announced: Simultaneous Interpretation without equipment

[PRESSWIRE] Bordeaux, France - 03 January, 2017 -- Linguali revolutionizes simultaneous interpretation by replacing the traditional equipment with software. The innovative system allows participants at international events to listen to the interpreter using their own smartphone running the Linguali mobile application, available for iOS and Android.

Nastydress and Several Other Affordable Fashion Clothing E-Stores Update their APPs

[PRESSWIRE] LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29, 2016 -- With the rapid rise of m-commerce, online stores have no other option than to position themselves in the fiercely competitive market in the most strategic ways possible. Both the old players in the m-commerce landscape and new entrants are now more focused on optimizing their apps.

That’s fantasy ! The world's first stone shines and leads you to the right way: Navigation IoT device for walkers appeared in Kickstarter

[PRESSWIRE] Tokyo, Japan - 26.12.16 -- In the 1986 anime classic “Laputa: Castle in the Sky,”  orphans Sheeta and Pazu use a mysterious glowing stone to guide them to the floating citadel of the film’s title. It’s taken a while for technology to catch up with director Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination, but now you  can get your own version of the “levitation stone.”


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