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Press Releases in Technology

New customizable online tracking tool promises users ‘lifelong revelations’

[PRESSWIRE] 11.10.2011 - Montreal, Canada -- Finally, something completely new to do on the web. A new site, the very first of its kind, is promising would-be subscribers ‘lifelong revelations’ in exchange for a few seconds of their time each day. Called meTracker, the site enables users to create customized mini-survey questions, or ‘tracks’, all about themselves and their worlds.

SecPoint announces the Cloud Penetrator, full web server protection against hackers

[PRESSWIRE] 22.09.2011 -- SecPoint, one of Europe's leading security systems providers, has released the Cloud Penetrator to provide full Online Web Vulnerability Scanning and SQL Injection Cross Site Scripting that prevents hackers entering web servers and stealing data. IT service providers that used to be used by large firms are catering more and more to a mass of smaller companies keen to migrate towards cloud-based services and take advantage of cost savings, increased service and enhanced security.

Digital Forensics Product Helps Counter Terrorism Unit Officers Prevent Explosions

[PRESSWIRE] 24.08.2011 - Tamworth, United Kingdom -- A new cost-effective solution for front line officers: Seizing phones, iPads and laptops safely and securely, ensuring they are not remotely wiped or used to detonate bombs. Law Enforcement, Military and Counter Terrorism Agencies have long had problems with what to do with the mobile phones and similar “smart” devices they seize as evidence at point of arrest.

Mobile Versus Online Research

[PRESSWIRE] 29.07.2011 Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA –- Resolve Market Research, Cint and Thumbspeak partner to compare survey results using both online and smartphones. Brands and researchers can leverage the mobile phone in tandem with online surveys – and expect equivalent results In a study performed by Resolve Market Research, and powered by Cint with Thumbspeak, the parallel results suggest that marketers can now reach consumers in a contextually relevant, real-time setting.


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