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Spreading the word on flu jabs!

West country company vows to make communication easier and cheaper for Doctor’s surgeries...

A Somerset company has vowed to save GP practices time and money in getting their vulnerable patients into the surgery for flu jabs this winter. CFH Total Document Management has offered to make its Docmail letter system available to surgeries across the country at reduced cost, to ensure that all appointment and reminder letters get out to the people who need them.

Lowest divorce rate for 26 years due to 'uncertainty'

Divorce figures for England and Wales have fallen to their lowest rate for 26 years because marriage has become such an unattractive option, a top UK divorce lawyer says...

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag (www.ayeshavardag.com) says celebrity divorces, changing social attitudes and an unhelpful legal system are all contributing to a decline in marriages and divorce.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Top lawyer explains annual UK divorce statistics


• Ayesha Vardag is available to national TV and radio broadcasters on 29.08.08, and national press. Please see below for contact details.

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag of Strand-based Ayesha Vardag Solicitors says divorce figures may spike this year as couples react to the threat of recession.

Annual divorce statistics normally show year-on-year decreases as fewer people marry, however this year could see an exception...

Marie Retpen exhibits “Still Life Meltdown”

Marie Retpen is a Danish glass designer and maker graduating this summer from The Royal College of Art.

With a background in traditional Scandinavian techniques from Kosta Glass School, her work balances precariously between sculpture and design.

The fluidity of the hot glass mixed with the functional creates a surreal body of work that would be a talking point in any environment.

Through her making Marie is constantly developing new ways of creating forms often using different materials like paper, wood or clay to shape the glass.

How to balance sex and the city and get hitched!

A recent survey found that 87% of wealthy professional women are looking for 'Mr Big', the successful, intelligent alpha male full of chivalry and the capacity to show a softer side behind closed doors!

Cosmopolitan living sees single professional women delicately balancing career with stylish living and the pursuit of the perfect man. A phenomenon is bellowing throughout major cities where women find themselves overtaking their partners in success and independence and even competing for greater status.

Top divorce lawyer backs binding pre-nups

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag is in favour of English courts applying couples' prenuptial agreements…

"Courts should respect pre-nups in their entirety if they have met the relevant criteria. These include both parties understanding the agreement, no undue pressure to sign, consideration being given to child provision and the opportunity to take legal advice” she says.

Manchester charity achieves milestone for children in care

Press event scheduled for 28th April with support from Madame Mayor Valerie Burgoyne

Ten years ago, a small, local charity in Manchester wanted to explore whether an innovative childcare practice called concurrent planning could be successfully transplanted from America to England.

That same local charity still leads the way in this groundbreaking method of putting children first with the continued work of Manchester Adoption Society’s Goodman Team.

T-POST: Issue # 35, The Tears of a Clown

Isn't it time we all agreed that no-one really enjoys, nor ever has enjoyed the antics or mere presence of a clown? It's true and research at the University of Sheffield says its official - clowns suck.

Since the 80s, Hollywood has consistently portrayed clowns as nothing but creepy. And despite the indisputable power of tinsel town, there's probably a list of rent-a-clowns a mile long in your city's phone book.


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As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt based on a current news item every six weeks. Select designers provide their interpretation of a specific news story and that design is combined with the actual news which is printed on the inside of the shirt.


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