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Press Releases in Entertainment

The Spit of Me, theatrical show

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 14.10.14 -- Since the dawn of man, one question dominates our thoughts: Who am I? The Spit of Me, a one woman show, delves deep beneath the skin to uncover the hidden histories that connect humanity through memory and evolution, revealing that we are more similar than we think.

Coffee Drinkers are 'Flying-High'

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 1.10.2014 -- Are you a coffee lover or tea lover? Your choice of beverage might just determine how much you earn or your ability to make it to the office on time, according to new research, from NESCAFÉ Alegria by NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL, which examines the perceived work ethic of tea and coffee drinkers.

International Latin Sensation Noelia Storms The Music Charts With Her Latest Hit Single "Spell" Featuring TIMBALAND

[PRESSWIRE] Beverly Hills, CA,US - 25.09.2014 -- Billboard Award winner recording artist Noelia with 10 Top 40 Latin Hits and 3 Top 40 English language Dance Hits and over six million albums sold is set to embark on a worldwide promotional and concert tour with numerous appearances.

Her tight schedule with non-stop performances begins this Fall' 2014 and will spread out until Summer' 2015. She will be catering to brand new markets that are opening to her music.

The Remarque Prize: New Performance Poetry and Photography Competition for 16-25 yr olds

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom- 23.09.14 -- In July 2014, after reading a multitude of degrading portrayals of young people, including Jeremy Paxman’s “self-obsessed” generation, and seeing no counter-arguments, 17-year-old school girl, Eleanor Blackwood, decided to do something about it. She set up a social enterprise called The Artistic Horde, which aims to positively shift society’s perceptions by showcasing the artistic talents of this younger generation. The first event of which is The Remarque Prize.

Hong Kong Holiday Makers Drawn to the Northern Lights

[PRESSWIRE] Bath, United Kingdom - 16.09.2014 -- After a spectacular start to the 2014 Northern Lights season following two strong solar flares that reached Earth this weekend, leading Northern Lights travel company Off the Map Travel has seen the number of holiday-makers from Hong Kong searching for a break to experience the greatest light show on Earth rise by 412% on the previous year.

'Art Everywhere' in the United States

[PRESSWIRE] Central Islip, NY, US - 04.09.2014 -- In an attempt to stimulate patronage of the arts, last year, Richard Reed began the "Art Everywhere" initiative.

In 2014, this initiative placed 25 pieces of art upon 30,000 billboards for six weeks across the UK.  It was Reed's hope that this would increase local art exhibit attendance and awareness for the arts in the months going forward.

Global Rockstar Kicks Off World's Largest Online Music Contest

[PRESSWIRE] Vienna, Austria - 01.09.2014 -- Global Rockstar is looking for the best acts in the world: until 30 September, musicians in every genre can enter original tracks to the national preliminary rounds for the chance to represent their country in the Global Finals.

The winner will receive a cash prize of USD 25,000. Global Rockstar helps provide financial support to all of the participating bands as well as raising awareness of their music.

The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival

[PRESSWIRE] Tokyo, Japan - 27.08.2014 -- We have begun the 18th Festival with our call for entries from professional, amateur, independent and commercial creators across the globe.

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