26 Jul 2017 - 2:00pm

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Press Releases in Entertainment

'Mrs Fisher's Tulip' by British actress is published to acclaim

"Mrs Fisher's Tulip" by new author Melanie Hughes is the story of one summer in the early Sixties in darkest suburbia. A place where things are not always as safe as they seem. Sally is a schoolgirl. Julie is 17 and an ice skater - a figure of unimaginable glamour. Sally becomes drawn into Julie's world of secrecy, adult passion and sexuality. Then watches helplessly as her family is torn apart by the conventions it fights so hard to maintain.

Rachel Wakefield of the Harrow Times writes:

Cheryl and Ashley Cole, top divorce lawyer comments

Leading UK divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag said “The courts have a duty to consider making a clean financial break between couples where this is possible. Given the assets said to be in this case I would not expect Cheryl to get maintenance or any 'share of future earnings'. However, the court will look to an equal division of the assets acquired during the marriage, and it doesn’t matter who made the money. Ashley Cole will want to establish that he made a special contribution in acquiring those assets to try to reduce Cheryl’s share.”

Notes to Editors:

Katie Price post-nup: Top divorce lawyer comments

Newspaper reports on Sunday said Katie Price failed to sign a prenuptial agreement with Alex Reid before they married last month, meaning that if they split he may be entitled to half of her £30 million fortune.

She is now reportedly planning to move much of that money into trust funds for her children so that Alex can’t touch it.

Leading UK divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag, who acted for heiress Katrin Radmacher in her prenup win in the Court of Appeal last summer, to be appealed before the Supreme Court in March, said:


Author Mark Jones releases his latest book, titled 'AS THE COLD WIND BLOWS'...

This psychological horror is now available to order online at www.chipmunkapublishing.co.uk.

Mark is influenced by Stephen King and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

He has also written three short story horror/sci-fi collections: 'THE CROOKED CROSS VOL 1 and 2', and 'THE BLACK ROSE COLLECTION'.

Visit Mark's website: www.author-markjones.com

Notes to editors:

Frank Lampard split, top divorce lawyer comments

Top London matrimonial lawyer Ayesha Vardag comments on reports that Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard’s ex-fiance Elen Rivesmay may be entitled to up to half of his £23m fortune, despite not being married to him.

Ayesha Vardag comments:

“Cohabitation is not marriage. At a time where huge 50-50 payouts on divorce are all over the news, it’s worth remembering that the story is very different if you don’t tie the knot legally.


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