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Press Releases in Business and Finance

Global cities, business leaders and social entrepreneurs meet in Eindhoven to exchange the latest solutions to society’s problems

[PRESSWIRE] 27.10.11 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands -- Eindhoven will host 150 international public and business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and investors to tackle some of our society’s major challenges such as climate change, obesity and life with chronic diseases, ageing and the new investment partnerships needed to transform our public services.

Award Winning ESSO ‘On the Run’ & Oxxygen Marketing Partnership

[PRESSWIRE] 11.10.11 -- Oxxygen Marketing Partnership the strategic marketing agency based in West London specialising in commercial business acceleration, brand development, marketing communications and operational execution has reason to celebrate after their client ExxonMobil won the Best Hot Beverages Outlet category at the Forecourt Trader Awards Dinner on 22nd September for ESSO ‘On the Run.’

Traders Prepare For “Run” on European Banks

[PRESSWIRE] 20.09.11 -- The talk in the trading and investment community of the possibility of a Greek default seems to be intensifying. Greek ten year bonds are now pricing in a ninety nine percent probability of the country defaulting on its debt obligations. Even though Greece represents only two point six percent of Eurozone GDP, the consequences for wider European markets and the social fallout for the man on the street could be extremely serious.

www.aeroinv.com Web Store Goes Live

[PRESSWIRE] 14.09.2011 -- aeroinv.com the aftermarket supplier of aircraft parts, announces the world wide launch of its new web-store doubling the amount of stock in the last three weeks to over $100 million with more arriving every week at the Singapore Hub. aeroinv.com offer a wide range of quality inspected parts spanning most major commercial aircraft and engine types.

aeroinv.com - $50 Million Stock at the Hub!

[PRESSWIRE] 25.08.2011 -- aeroinv.com, the aftermarket supplier of aircraft parts, is ready for take-off with the launch of the aeroinv.com web store (week commencing 12th September 2011) and $50million of stock spanning most major commercial aircraft types and engine types. aeroinv.com’s new surplus condition parts are available for 60,000 airline, MRO and supply chain specialist customers to purchase on a 24/7 basis.

"The Trader Meeting" reports a 1,200% increase in quarterly viewing figures

[PRESSWIRE] 24.08.2011 - London, England -- Global stock markets have been hit hard in recent weeks. Since August 1st, the S&P500 and FTSE100 are down thirteen percent and the Eurostoxx600 is down sixteen percent. As the vast majority of professional and independent traders are losing their shirts, ‘The Trader Meeting’ has today announced a 1,200% increase in viewing figures in the last three months.


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