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Press Releases in Business and Finance

TMHE Release Free Forklift Truck Driving Game – Experience Toyota SAS in Action

[PRESSWIRE] 14.12.2011 Ready? Set! GO! Drive your way through the mobile forklift truck driving game ‘Forklift Challenge’ and learn about the benefits of the Toyota System of Active Stability (Toyota SAS). Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) today launches ‘Forklift Challenge’ – TMHE´s first external mobile application in the material handling industry, specially created to raise awareness about the capabilities of the Toyota System of Active Stability (Toyota SAS).

Mistakes by the UK accounting profession “cost clients 1.8 billion pounds” claims new report

[PRESSWIRE] 24.11.11 -- A report published today indicates that beleaguered small businesses are facing further woes due to inept accounting. “Your blueprint for a better accountancy practice” published by The Accountants Club, an association of over 700 UK based accountants, found that this ineptitude is losing UK businesses a staggering £1.8billion.

From Classroom to Boardroom

[PRESSWIRE] 01.11.2011 -- Oxxygen, a strategic marketing agency based in West London, developed and launched a unique “marketing consultancy” course for students at Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University, Kensington this (autumn) semester 2011 as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program.


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