23 May 2017 - 7:55pm

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Press Releases in Business and Finance

Alfresco firm announces new outdoor product

The London-based outdoor equipment company Breezefree has developed a niche retractable sail awning to keep pub and restaurant customers warm and dry throughout the unpredictable British autumn.

The leading alfresco firm's patented design provides customers with shelter from the sun or rain, but casts minimum shadow, offering drinks and catering businesses the potential for all-year-round outdoor trading.

telent attains Sales Partner status in Nokia Siemens Networks Channel Partner Programme

telent, the technology services company, today announced it has attained Sales Partner status in Nokia Siemens Networks’ Channel Partner Programme. As a certified Sales Partner, telent is now able - via the Channel Partner Programme’s co-operative framework - to address underserved and new market segments in the UK.

As a Sales Partner, telent will specialise in solutions from Nokia Siemens Networks’ Broadband Connectivity portfolio including Dynanet access multiplexers and A-Series Carrier Ethernet Switches.

Employer Advisory: YOUNG PERSONS AT WORK

It’s that time of year again, when school leavers are seeking their first full time or permanent employment or work experience during the prolonged summer break. Such arrangements are particularly popular and beneficial to both employer and young person.

Often it is a suitable means for a young person to save money to put towards that now “ubiquitous” gap year experience.

Law firms 'do or die' to succeed in recession

The impact of the recession is forcing businesses to make changes to the way that they operate. The Legal profession is one of them as there has been an increase of 26% from last year in the number of law firm closures, according to statistics from the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Competition is fierce and is set to increase when in 2010 organisations other than law firms, will be able to provide legal services under the reforms of the Legal Services Act 2007. The purpose of these reforms is to increase competition and choice for consumers.

City expert says worst is over for markets

• Bottom of the market reached - economy will follow
• NASDAQ is leading market uptrend
• Negative news on economy to hit reverse

Trade with Precision founder Nick McDonald thinks the recent strengthening of the US dollar and changing direction of the stock market indices are the strongest indicators yet that the markets are finally recovering...

“I see a lot of potential for a complete change of direction because of some very positive signs coming into the market,“ he says.

telent to manage rollout of digital Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network for emergency services in Germany

telent has been awarded a contract by Germany’s Bavarian Ministry of the Interior to act as prime contractor for the rollout of a TETRA radio network for the region’s Emergency Services by 2012.

Under the contract, telent will manage the rollout of Private Mobile Radio (PMR) sites across Bavaria and coordinate the project with German Federal authorities.

TETRA-based digital PMR offers reduced risk of radio interception, higher quality transmission and improved functionality over analogue radio systems.

New trading channel shows way to profitability

Beginner and expert traders alike can now tune in to Trade with Precision’s video bulletins for daily trading updates and execution tips.

The ’Precision Perspectives’ trading channel examines the intricacies of day trading currency pairs on the Forex market, as well as successfully gap-trading the mini-Dow and mini-NASDAQ futures.

The visual aids not only show subscribers how to place winning trades while minimising risk and maximising profit, but additionally demonstrate winning executions placed by the team themselves.

Watch out for worker stress, or face the consequences, managers warned

It’s little surprise stress levels have rocketed in the downturn as uncertainty over job security grows, but managers and directors can find themselves in the firing line if they fail to deal with the welfare of their staff...

The Health and Safety Executive - which has issued a new edition of its detailed overview on work-related stress - recently estimated stress costs organisations with 500 employees around 250 working days a year.

Major UK conference on combating terrorist financing, money laundering, bribery and corruption

Major UK conference to hear updates on national and international measures to combat terrorist financing, money laundering, and bribery and corruption

As the UK Government announces its latest measures to fight terrorist financing, and also bribery and corruption, the Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers (IMLPO) is holding its sixth annual conference to discuss these and other key concerns facing all those working in the front line of financial crime prevention.


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