02 Oct 2014 - 5:21am

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Press Releases

Sophia Genetics Launches Full CFTR Analysis in Single Clinical Grade NGS Experiment

[PRESSWIRE] Lausanne, Switzerland - 1.10.2014 -- Sophia Genetics, the European leader in Clinical Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis, today launches a unique CFTR IVD Solution allowing clinicians to run full cystic fibrosis analysis in a single NGS experiment.

The CE-IVD marked solution covers the identification and characterisation of all types of variants in a single NGS experiment with clinical grade analytical performance.

Green Energy: Power Clouds Wins the Solar Awards 2014

[PRESSWIRE] Dubai, UAE - 1.10.2014 -- The company is crowned as Business Project Development champion and inspiring leading voice within the solar industry for involving more than 53,000 people in shared power plant.

Other key players in the industry such as Panasonic, PERC Production Solutions, LG Electronics, SolarEdge Technology and Rexel have been chosen as outstanding examples of innovation in photovoltaic systems.

Coffee Drinkers are 'Flying-High'

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 1.10.2014 -- Are you a coffee lover or tea lover? Your choice of beverage might just determine how much you earn or your ability to make it to the office on time, according to new research, from NESCAFÉ Alegria by NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL, which examines the perceived work ethic of tea and coffee drinkers.

Gatwick Airport Vehicle Security Systems Completed by Chemring Technology Solutions

[PRESSWIRE] Poole, United Kingdom - 30.09.2014 -- As part of Gatwick's major upgrade investment in its road-to-airside security gates, Chemring Technology Solutions has completed a multi-lane, underside vehicle search system based on its VehicleScan surveillance technology.

Chemring Technology Solutions has helped Gatwick Airport to develop its new vehicle screening infrastructure, deploying VehicleScan in a new four lane vehicle screening facility to monitor the high volume of airport traffic, including staff, maintenance and catering vehicles.

Digital Catapult Centre Launches to Accelerate UK's Digital Economy - Regional Hubs to Follow

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 30.09.2014 -- The Digital Catapult Centre, a national centre to rapidly advance the UK's best digital ideas, will open its doors on November 5th.

The Centre will be the cornerstone of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult and the many new collaborations it convenes between business, universities and other digital stakeholders. The goal is to unlock four major challenges in the data value chain, helping small data innovators accelerate new ideas to market.

AirWatch Debuts AirWatch Video to Secure and Scale Enterprise Video Initiatives

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 30.09.2014 -- Today at AirWatch Connect™ London, AirWatch® by VMware®, the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, introduced AirWatch Video, the latest application in the AirWatch EMM suite.

AirWatch Video will be an enterprise application that integrates with content delivery network (CDN) operators to simplify video distribution, security and management and enables organizations to scale and secure companywide video initiatives.


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