23 Nov 2017 - 12:17am

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James Ross Consulting Officially Launch PackDevPro

 [PRESSWIRE] PRINCETON, New Jersey, May 12, 2017 -- James Ross Consulting announced today the official launch of PackDevPro, a next generation web based software tool that enables packaging engineers to rapidly develop solutions for new and renovated packs that are demonstrably optimized for the supply chain.

PackDevPro Development Director, Stuart Kimpton commented "PackDevPro guarantees optimized dimensional packaging for complex global supply chains. It changes the way in which packaging is analyzed prior to committing to tooling and dies. The software provides cost and sustainability analysis for the options it generates and provides a return on investment within one or two projects. We are excited by the potential of this next generation software platform which uses powerful algorithms combined with packaging development logic to deliver a radically different approach for R&D packaging teams."

Building low cost and sustainable packaging and supply chains is a key focus are for manufacturers. PackDevPro has proven to offer a 5 to 15% improvement on any pack analyzed through the software - and is well positioned to be embedded as a part of an R&D stage gate process.

James Ross Consulting has already used PackDevPro with a number of their global clients in the food, beverage and consumer goods industries over the past two years saving millions of dollars.

About James Ross Consulting 

Founded in 1993, James Ross Consulting is a global packaging consultancy offering cost optimization, technical support and analytical services. Committed to delivering value, they have helped Fortune 500 companies around the world to improve their packaging and supply chain performance and reduce costs. Offices are based in the USA, UK and Australia. For more information about James Ross Consulting, visit the company's International Web sites at http://www.jrconsulting.com or http://www.packdevpro.com.

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