20 Nov 2017 - 10:49pm

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British Weather Services, The UK's Longest Established Independent Meteorological Organisation, Warns Against Abandoning Climate Change Deal

[PRESSWIRE] LONDON, November 21, 2016 -- The American election was very large and very loud. President-elect Donald Trump has well known vocalised views on man-made global warming, namely he does not believe in it.  


He instead suggests that China has made it all up and Mr. Trump is now reportedly set on a course of withdrawing funding from NASA (for one) in this critical area, as they would see it.  


It is now widely accepted that 2016 will be the hottest year for over 115,000 years globally, when sea levels were some 25 feet higher than today during an inter-glacial period.  


Back in October this year, James Hansen - a somewhat outspoken former climatologist from NASA stated the following; "The science is crystal clear, we have to phase out emissions over the next few decades. That won't happen without substantial actions by Congress and the executive branch." As you know Congress is about to change, and from Hansen's point of view the change is probably not what he would have wished for.


Given the future political landscape in the US and perhaps in Europe too, where populist parties tend not to support climate change facts and theories, there will be several nations (especially those that are about to sink under the waves) that will be praying even harder that the Grim Reaper won't be about to pay an early visit, as the coal furnaces start to be polished-up in the US.


Of course, there will be non-believers, with their raucous voices resonating off Mr. Trump's very loud campaign proclamations. They too deserve to be heard, as scientists have been wrong before.


However, for the vast majority of climate scientists who have arguably proven their case time and time again, there is still time and there is still hope. If they are not to lose what has been so painfully achieved, organisations such as the World Meteorological Office, NOAA, NASA, the UK Met Office and others will need to put be the scientific case directly to the incoming US government and beyond, as climate does not recognise political boundaries, nor passports. If those that oppose truly believe in their cause, then they should be shouting the facts and the consequences from the rooftops.


It does not mean the argument will be won either way, it simply means that by in-vogue shouting the argument may be heard and that an urgent debate may be had - and this is urgent.


You see when climate change advocator Mrs. Clinton became ill and lost her voice and her very presence for a time, she may have lost the election there and then - and possibly the future of Mankind with it, if she and the vast majority of climate scientists are to be believed.  



The world has changed both climatologically and now politically. Whatever people might believe this moment in time could well be the tipping point for Mankind on Earth.

Monday, November 21, 2016